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PSP Go Component Cable

PSP Go Component Cable
  • Component Cable for PSP Go. Use with your HD TV
  • 7 foot long component cable
  • For High Definition televisions only
  • Improved picture sharpness and more vibrant colors
  • Widescreen support

Transmit the correct signal from your PSP GO to your High Definition television with this Component Cable from CTA Digital. Unlike typical red, white and yellow A/V cables that carry signals meant for standard televisions, this component cable produces the appropriate signals for your High Definition television. One end of this cable connects to your PSP GO, while the other end has the color coded component audio/video connections. Simply by connecting your PSP GO to your TV with the corresponding jacks, you are ready for the precise, High Definition game play your HD television was meant to display.

List Price: $ 6.99

Intec Component AV Cable for Playstation 2

Intec Component AV Cable for Playstation 2
  • 6′ Component AV- Playstation 2 + 3

Component AV Cable for Playstation 2. For TV’s with component video connectors. Connect monitors & projectors with component inputs 6′ Component AV- Playstation 2, Uses standard inputs

List Price: $ 5.35
Limited Time Offer: